Transformers Maintenance

Posted: December 2, 2020
Category: Maintenance
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Don’t risk failure of your transformer. Transformer failures can cost you millions in terms of lost production, income and customers.

With the loss of insulation being irrecoverable, transformer failure risk can be minimized only if oil quality is maintained, moisture is controlled, temperatures are managed, incipient faults are detected and corrected, and an overhaul is conducted at midlife.

CE provides specialized technical services for any type of transformer during the entire lifecycle in LV, MV, and HV sector with more than 20 years of experience. We provide;

  • Installation & Shifting

CE provides complete installation including assembly and disassembly services and full relocation services.

  • Testing, Maintenance & Repair

CE provides corrective, preventive & routine maintenance, Wide range of transformer tests including Transformer oil testing, Refilling & Filtering, Protection improvements including the testing of Lightning arrester testing are available for your transformer.

  • Lifecycle Management Programs

CE provides Continuous online power monitoring systems including expert consulting services for data analysis and security alerts, Loss reduction programs including earth resistance improvement of Body and Neutral Earths.

CE offers the world’s best products such as Schneider, ABB, Siemens, BATT, Trafo, Best,  Ducab, KEI, Raychem, etc. Our technical after-sales support assures you reliability of all systems throughout their life cycle.

Our technical experts provide emergency services include 24/7 support for critical needs.

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