Why Electrical Testing Required?

City Electricals (PVT) Ltd. is a fully certified company that follows stringent ATS (Acceptance Testing Specification) standards with over 20 years of experience.

Our extensive testing program will ensure that potential problems are dealt with before further damage can be done. Our testing program guards against malfunctioning equipment, guarantees that equipment is up to manufacturer’s recommendations, and makes certain that equipment and systems are installed in accordance with design specifications. City Electricals (PVT) Ltd.  is able to perform effective testing of equipment because we follow the recommendations contained in the manufacturer’s published data for each piece of equipment that we test. The majority of the guidelines for an effective testing procedure can be found from the manufacturer’s published data.

In order to make testing efficient for your facility, City Electricals’s wide spectrum of knowledge concerning proper testing procedures enables us to make necessary adjustments concerning a particular system and how it should be tested. These testing procedures are meant specifically for most industrial and larger commercial systems.

Benefits of Testing

  • Ensures that mechanical operation of equipment is aligned with manufacturer’s standard
  • Prevents injury hazards to personnel working near/around energized equipment
  • Detect possible areas where arc faults can occur and identify appropriate approach boundaries

A Full Range Of Electrical Testing Services

As one of the best Electrical Solution Company in Sri Lanka, we offers a wide scope of tests for industrial and commercial systems that range from low voltage circuit breaker testing to 230kV yard overhauls and everywhere in between. Our full spectrum electrical testing services will keep your electrical equipment up and running efficiently and reliably, year after year.


High Voltage Testing

High Voltage Testing

City Electricals (PVT) Ltd possesses the latest equipment in voltage and current testing that spans up to 120,000 Volts and 40,000 Amps.   Our services include performance testing, dielectric testing, R&D Testing, failure analysis, and accident recreation.

Our customer base includes major electric utilities like Proctor and Gamble, SMUD, HP, DOW chemical, Hitachi, and many other companies.  The majority of our business comes from well satisfied and repeat costumers along with referrals and word of mouth.  The types of equipment that Industrial Tests has tested in the past include: transformers ranging up to 230 Kilovolts, circuit Breakers up to 230 Kilovolts, generators ranging up to 120 Megawatts, Electrical insulation elements, cable system accessories and power cable accessories, grounding accessories and gear, switch gears, transmission lines, and substations.

  • Benefits of High Voltage/Current Testing:
  • All personnel on the job are certified technicians under standards
  • A Registered PE (professional Engineer) will proof read all engineering reports and calculations
  • All testing procedures will be within specifications and done with objectivity and precision
  • Safety is the top priority for both our employees on the job and employers liable for the employees
  • Fees are competitive and honest
  • Voltage and Current specifications will be on par with manufacture recommendations prior to installation
  • Peace of mind that equipment is safe for employees to use

Industrial Tests Repair Team knows the ins and outs of troubleshooting and repairing high voltage equipment to minimize the equipment’s down time.

Services for high voltage testing include:

  • Analysis and study of existing power systems
  • Machining and welding of damaged/broken electrical equipment
  • Calibrating Electrical Equipment
  • Electrical Preventative Maintenance
  • Acceptance Testing

Electrical Consultants

Electrical Consultants

As one of the best electrical consultant company in Sri Lanka,  we have been serving around the country, with extraordinary engineering services. Our entire foundation is built on the belief that every customer is distinctive, and their project necessities are constantly changing; therefore, each project plan is different from any other. It is our duty to cater to your unique needs, and we always make sure to get our message across, leaving you with little doubt in your mind about knowing that your project’s interests are being handled by the best electrical consulting company in the industry. There is no task too big, or too small, that City Electrical Sri Lanka doesn’t put full effort into evaluating the best course of action in completing your company’s venture. Whether you are considering establishing a new substation/switch-gear design, or looking into implementing a coordination study on an existing or new electrical system, always consider City Electrical Sri Lank.; our history of catering to our customers needs has developed into an unprecedented level of long-lasting relationships.

City Electrical Consulting Services Include:

  • Transmission and Distribution
    • System Planning and Protection
    • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
    • Power System Studies
    • Utility Services
    • Substation and Switch-yard
    • Power Supply and Interconnection
    • Field Testing Services
    • Equipment Analysis
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Load Flow Studies
    • Long Range System Studies
    • Electrical Construction Consulting
    • Short Circuit Studies
    • Specialized Studies of System Losses / Power Factor
    • Protective Coordination Studies
    • Equipment Specification Recommendations
    • Management & Startup Services
    • Underground Transmission Line Consulting
    • Conceptual Planning & Routing
    • Work Order Inspections
    • Specialized Testing Services
    • Relay & Meter Testing and Calibration
    • Power Factor, Motor Analysis & Hi-Pot
    • Motor Installations and Controls
    •Plant Instrumentation Analysis

If you or your company is seeking any sort of electrical consulting services, whether it’s recommendations on specific testing practices, or full substation overhauls, let City Electrical Sri Lanka be your first and last choice. We will strive to meet and exceed all of your expectations, ensuring that the demands of your project are met with full force.